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About kinley   Kinley Securities Limited (Kinley or the company) is a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulated company and a dealing member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). Kinley is one of the leading stock broking firms in Nigeria and a member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange licensed and registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission 27th February, 1997 as a Capital Market operator and with the Central Bank of Nigeria to deal in Treasury Bills. The company was established to provide top of the range equities trading services for discerning investors who value the delivery of excellent service. With an authorized share capital of N250 Million or ₤1Million or $2 million (N152.7 million fully paid-up and N239.3million shareholders fund), Kinleys tradition of excellence and unique customer service delivery stands it out in the industry. Currently, the companys portfolio under management constitutes not less than 10% of investors outside Nigeria. Our focus is on providing investment advice and equities trading/execution services for our clients with a view to exceeding their expectation(s). We do this through our dedicated and specialized Securities Trading, Research, Portfolio Management and Customer Service oriented workforce and Experienced Management team. At Kinley Securities Limited, we place a huge premium on delivering complete peace of mind to our clients, whether they be individuals, governments or corporate Organizations, by ensuring that they achieve their financial goals. The equity investments, especially considering the fact that the world is just emerging from recession, requires special skills in Information acquisition, analysis effective deployment or use to our clients advantage. This skill is one of the valuable services we wish to offer your organization. Driven by honesty, integrity and a dedication to excellence, we are committed to achieving good returns for our clients through the use of advanced information gathering, analyzing and disseminating tool combined with the ingenuity of our highly motivated and skilled personnel. We particularly focus is on providing investment advice and equities trading/ execution services for our clients in manners that exceed their expectation(s). We do this through our dedicated and specialized Securities Trading and Customer Experience Management teams. At Kinley Securities Limited, we realize that some clients will want to manage their portfolios themselves while others will hand all the decision making to us – either way, we are ready to accommodate the needs of each client and ensure that there is at any point in time trust and confidence in our ability to work in the interest of the client.


We are experienced in providing quality stock brokering as well as investment management services. Our experience comes from having participated in several capital raising and investment management transactions over the 16 years of our existence.

The breadth and depth of our knowledge of the Nigerian market and our excellent relationships with our clients, regulators and other very important stakeholders gives us a competitive advantage over our contemporaries.

Our people are highly skilled, innovative, dynamic and effective professionals with a deep understanding of the financial markets and genuine commitment to the financial success of our clients.

We are in the process of establishing symbiotic relationships with established international financial institutions, relationships upon which we hope to leverage on to acquire and provide superior technical and financial services to our clients.

Kinley Securities has been providing stockbroking services since 1997. The company is registered under the Nigerian Stock and exchange and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission to conduct stockbroking business in Nigeria.

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